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  1. We Work For You, Not The Bank

    We are an Independent Mortgage Broker offering a wide variety of choice for mortgage products. If you go direct to a lender, they can only recommend their own very limited product range.

  2. Exclusive Mortgage Broker Deals

    We have access to deals not available to the general public or through call centres and rate comparison sites.

  3. Over 50 Lenders To Choose From

    There are over 50 lenders and hundreds of mortgage deals available to research. We listen to you, find out your needs and circumstances, recommend the most suitable mortgage, and fully explain the features and benefits.

  4. We Have Options When Banks Say “No”

    Commercial lenders avoid risk at all cost and that means that if you fall below the credit threshold they set, you do not qualify. We deal with lenders that are not adverse to risk and are willing to work with you to finance your home.

  5. Our Service is Free To You

    We never charge a fee for our service. We arrange to be compensated by the lenders so you receive the benefits of independence, without the burden of added costs.

  6. We Take Care Of Everything For You

    Mortgage application forms are usually long and can be complicated. We complete and submit all the paperwork for you throughout the process.

  7. We Can Save You From Penalties

    Most banks penalize when you break your mortgage before the term is up. These penalties tend to be expensive and unfairly restrict your ability to get the best deals at the best times. In most cases we relieve most if not all of the penalties and still get you a better deal.

  8. We Give You The Facts The Bank Won’t Share

    Ever heard of a Collateral Mortgage? You might unwittingly be sacrificing control of all your equity even if you are mortgaging a small percentage of it. This is just one of the insipid details that large banks include in the small print, but fail to explain in advance. We sort through these details so that you get a true picture your financing situation.

  9. We Give Impartial Advice

    Since we are not aligned with any particular bank, our loyalty lies with our clients and therefore we can give a clear, un-biased opinion that you can rely on.

  10. Easy 3-step Process

    Wherever your situation, our unique easy 3-step process allows us to provide you with a full expert independent mortgage service.

What We Do?

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As an independent mortgage advisor, we don't work for any bank or lending institution. We work for you and we promise to find exactly the right mortgage for you from the thousands the market has to offer.Our expert mortgage advice is always free and tailored to suit your individual circumstances, whether it's purchase financing, refinancing or construction loans.

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